Objectives and activities 

Nashville Athletic Foundation 

  • ​Coaches Education:   The Foundation will constantly look to raise the bar of athletics through investing in the education and development of our coaches pool
  • Athletic Development:  The Foundation will serve as an incubator to foster and develop long term athletic development programs that support, encourage and advance athletes through all stages of growth.
  • ​Invest in Organizations:  The Foundation will become an active intellectual and financial contributor to innovative organizations that support,  promote , and provide long term development and equal opportunity in sport. 
  • ​Research:  The Foundation will provide research opportunities that create safer and more dynamic sports.  

Was founded in 2012 as a non-profit corporation.   Our primary objectives, through investment in sport research and education,  is to continually look to advance the boundaries of human potential, while serving as a catalyst in developing lifelong participation in sport.